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Why a Relaxed Body Can Improve your Birth Experience

Updated: 6 days ago

pregnant woman relaxing on bed

When we hold tension in our bodies, we’re more likely to experience pain. And the same goes for birth. If we tense up, labour is likely to feel uncomfortable more quickly.

So why would we be tense during labour?

Well it’s all to do with our minds! Our mind and body are connected and if we’re scared, we’re more likely to be tense.

The problem with birth is that we’ve all been led to believe that birth is something to be feared. So many of us tense up when we go into labour. This can cause labour to be painful and potentially slow it down.

So what can you do?

1. Work on your mindset - take in as much positive information about birth as possible

2. Practice relaxing - a skill most of us aren’t very good at but one that will come in handy once you’re in labour. It’s like muscle memory, the more you practice the better.

3. Ideally do a Hypnobirthing course which will cover points 1 and 2 in great detail and really enable you to relax during labour.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Relax your body for birth


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