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Top Tips for Birth Partners

Updated: 6 days ago

woman with partner embracing pregnant belly

Your birth partner is going to need to provide a whole load of practical and emotional support so it’s really important to think about this in advance. They’re also someone you know and love and will be able to provide continuity of care. So they’re pretty darn important. Here are my 5 tips for birth partners

  1. Sit down together and have a really frank discussion about what it is you need from them and whether they can fulfil those things.

  2. Prepare in pregnancy and research/write the birth plan together. Knowing the birth plan in detail and the reasons for the decisions will enable them to be a much better advocate for you during labour.

  3. Mindset - it’s important for them to work on their mindset and feel confident too. You want them to bring positive energy to the birth room. Watch positive birth videos, read stories and affirmations could even be helpful.

  4. Pack your birth bag together - how distracting would it be if your birth partner is rifling around and can’t find what they’re looking for?! It’s also useful for them to know exactly what is in there to help you.

  5. Your birth partner should think of themselves as Chief Oxytocin Generator. They are someone you know, love and trust so they’re pretty well placed for this! Things like: cuddles, kisses, massage, making you laugh, playing DJ.


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