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Katherine’s Positive Twin Birth Story

Updated: 6 days ago

I wanted to write about my birth story, as I was so anxious that I was unable to have a vaginal birth, so I wanted to share with you my story and how possible it is.

newborn twins sleeping together

The Background positive twin birth story

On February 15th 2022, I went into QA to be induced to have my identical twin boys, or in medical terms MCDA twins which means two sacks one placenta. My pregnancy went well and I was able to get to 37 weeks, which is classed as full terms for twins, and I was lucky that both twins were head down. I had previously done the Get Birth Confident hypnobirthing course, so I was mentally prepared and knew what I wanted and didn't want for my pain relief options, which was just to have gas and air, like my previous birth with my daughter. This was just a personal preference.

Even though I knew what to expect, having being induced before, as I was expecting twins there were a multitude of risks and increased chance of having a cesarean, so I was a little anxious to say the least! Thankfully both babies heads were down.. so a vaginal birth was very much on the cards and exactly what I wanted, as I had a vaginal birth with my daughter, with no complications or stitches. positive twin birth story

The Wait

I was given the gel as an induction method on Tuesday evening and said goodbye to my husband as he was not able to stay on the induction ward with me due to covid rules and regulations. The next examination was to be in 6 hours, so I tried to get as much sleep as I could. After 6 hours, unfortunately not much had happened and they inserted a second dose of gel. After an hour or so I started to feel contractions to my delight and practised my breathing techniques and bounced on my ball whilst listening to a podcast to kill some time.

My husband was then allowed to visit between the hours of 12.30-15.30, and it was so nice to see him. We managed to go for a walk and grab a costa, whilst I was still having contractions. Another 6 hours then past, and an examination showed that I still hadn't dilated! I couldn't believe this, however they inserted another dose of the gel, before my husband had to say goodbye and leave.

This really kicked things off, and after 30 minutes the contractions were getting much stronger, so I continued to bounce on my ball and breathed through each surge as it came. Shortly after I felt a pop below and some water trickled out. I mentioned to my midwife that I thought my waters had broken, and then every few minutes, more water would trickle out each time.

I had to then call my husband and ask him to come back, luckily he hadn't gone far before turning round and by the time they whisked me to the labour room, he was in the room waiting for me.

The Birth

By the time they managed to examine me I was 8 cm's and ready to push my first baby out. I hadn't had any epidural and only just given the gas and air minutes before twin 1 arrived. The midwife had to quickly put her gloves on as I was ready to push, and on the next contraction twin 1, who we named Thomas was out and placed straight to my breast for skin to skin. My contractions slowed down at this point, so they put me on the drip to make sure my contractions continued. I carried on using the gas and air when I felt the contractions increase again, a doctor also came in to sweep me to 10 cm's so I was ready to give birth to twin 2. After an hour and 6 minutes twin 2 was ready to arrive, and only took 2 pushes. It seemed like a quick hour and 6 minutes and before I knew it Benjamin was placed on me also for skin to skin.

twin newborn babies sleeping together

Thomas - twin 1 - 5lb 9oz Benjamin - twin 2 - 5lb 12 oz

After a quick examination it was confirmed that my perineum was in tact and I did not tear from the birth. We didn’t have to stay in NICU as they were healthy weights which was a relief, and after staying in hospital for 2 nights we are home to start our journey as twin parents.

I can honestly say that I was Lucky to have the birth I longed for, and put it down to being fit and continuing exercise during pregnancy, having a positive mental outlook and being determined to tell the midwives and consultants what I wanted for my birth preference. If it is possible for me then it is possible for many other twin mums to be out there.

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