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Jade’s Positive Induction

Updated: 6 days ago

mother and new born baby after birth

Jade's positive induction in her own words:

I got in contact with Charlene Ferguson after seeing on Facebook that she was offering one to one hypnobirthing sessions. I was unsure if I had enough time to complete the course because I was 36 weeks pregnant and live in Dubai. Charlene worked hard to establish a well structured course for the limited time I had left in my pregnancy and was very proactive in coming to a solution to the distance by delivering our sessions via Zoom.

I was very nervous about my birthing experience and how to handle the medical professionals in Dubai as the health care in the UAE is completely different to the UK. I explained my situation to Charlene and she was very empathetic to my needs. Charlene listened to my concerns and put together resources and techniques that I could use to support me in my birthing journey.

I really enjoyed learning all about the different breathing techniques, positions to use during labour, affirmations , the meditation and relaxation music. But most importantly, I found my confidence in the resources she provided i.e. the BRAINS PDF - this resource gave me my voice and confidence to speak logically to the Doctors, it highlighted to me that I am the one that was in control of my pregnancy and I have the final say on what happens in my birthing journey. I also enjoyed the visual aids that Charlene used as I learn better when I can visualise something happening.

My birthing journey started on the 10th of October. I was booked in to have a membrane sweep as baby’s head was measuring bigger than expected. I used the knowledge of BRAINS with my husband to come to the decision that the sweep was the best option for us. The membrane sweep didn’t make a difference in processing my labour. My husband and myself discussed carefully with the doctor that we would go ahead with having an induction as we wanted to try for a natural birth. I was very excited to be welcoming my baby into this world. The induction happened in the early hours of the 20th of October. The labour was processing slowly at first and we made the decision for the doctor to break my waters, after this happened the labour progressed more rapidly. I concentrated on my breathing techniques and listening to the relaxation and meditation MP3’s while doing exercise on a pregnancy ball.

My husband was the best birthing partner I could as for, he gave me words of encouragement, constant massages, spoke with the nurses and doctors about my needs which left me to be fully present in my birthing experience. I was finding the increasing surges more discomforting and requested to have gas and air. This helped me a lot in controlling each surge. I was very concerned about the cramps I was feeling in my legs and had asked to receive an epidural, however by the time I had asked for the epidural I was already 9cm dilated so I relied on my breathing techniques, massage from my husband, words of encouragement from my husband and medical staff and gas and air to push my baby out naturally.

At 7:20pm on the 20th of October my baby son Harris was born. He was brought to me so I could have some skin to skin time with him. In that moment I felt complete unconditional love for him and was so overwhelmed with emotions that I was crying with joy. I can not thank Charlene enough for the positive birthing experience she highlighted to me. Charlene is a wonderful and caring hypnobirthing coach who truly empowered me to have the birthing experience I wished for. Thank you Charlene for playing a huge part in my birthing journey.

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