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20 Top Christmas Gifts for New Mums

Updated: 6 days ago

tired mama collection jumper

If you’re shopping for a new mum and need some gift inspiration or you’re a expectant or new mum yourself and stuck on what to put on your Christmas list, GBC has you covered!

Here are our 20 top Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for a new or expectant parent...

1. A COOK gift card gifts for new mums

Delicious frozen meals - all you have to do is pop in the oven. Perfect post partum grub! You can either buy a monetry gift card or one of their specific new parent meal boxes.

2. Postnatal doula voucher

There are some fab postnatal doulas across the country. This would be a great gift idea.

3. Netflix subscription

Embrace the hours spent feeding and enjoy some real 'Netflix & chill'

4. Framed photo of you and your baby

You'll probably notice a distinct lack of photos of you with your baby. So getting someone to take one and then frame it is priceless

5. A Tired Mama Collection jumper

Obligatory mum uniform, their sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies are so comfortable and look great too.

6. A voucher for your fave local restaurant that does takeaway

You might be missing going out but at least nowadays most restaurants either offer a takeaway collection service or of course there’s Deliveroo if it covers your area.

7. Mobile beauty treatment

Sometimes we just want to feel like us and keeping up with any usual beauty treatments can help. But heading out with a newborn or leaving them at home might not be possible. So bring the pamper to you!

8. Lucy & Yak dungarees

Comfort is everything in the postnatal period and dungas are perfect. Lucy & Yak have become the go-to brand for dungarees and they’re ethically made too.

9. A Don't Buy Her Flowers Package

These are lovely gift packages - pick from pre-selected packages or create your own.

10. A fancy insulated mug

Because cold tea is gross. I recommend getting one with a handle, much better for one-handed drinking.

11. A basket of your favourite yummy treats

To be eaten in conjunction with the 'Netflix and chill' 😁

12. A funky tote bag

Always useful when you have kids

13. Vouchers for helping with household tasks

This is a great free gift which you'll appreciate so much - people could help with cleaning, washing up, washing, ironing, changing bedding - whatever you need!

14. A small bottle of your favourite tipple

Because why not! And it’s a common misconception that you can’t drink if you’re breastfeeding but that is not true. A small amount of alcohol is absolutely fine.

15. Posh loungewear

Loungewear is the new outerwear

16. Audiobook subscription

Great for night feeds so that you can avoid the blue light of your phone screen but still have something to entertain you and keep you awake.

17. Family photoshoot

Professional or DIY. Photos you'll treasure forever

18. Favourite scented candle

A small thing that can help you feel really relaxed and content.

19. Homemade meals for the freezer

A delicious meal that you didn't have to cook, what more could you ask for?! Oh, a dish that is easy to eat one-handed.

20. Hypnobirthing voucher

If you haven't had your baby yet, good antenatal education is an excellent gift. Oh and did I mention Get Birth Confident does gift vouchers?! Available from £25.


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