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  • When should I do a hypnobirthing course?
    There’s no right or wrong on this and it’s quite a personal choice. I recommend after your 20 week scan although some people prefer to start earlier so they can get in lots of practice with the Hypnobirthing tools. Others prefer leaving it until closer to their due date so that the information is more fresh. The majority on my group courses are around 28 to 34 weeks. If you’re late on in your pregnancy, you might want to consider my Hypnobirthing masterclass which is a 3 hour session with all of the really important bits. You'll also have access to all of the same resources/materials as the full course.
  • Does my birth partner attend the course with me?
    Birth partners are strongly encouraged to come along. I would go as far as to say that a Hypnobirthing course is just as much for the birth partner as it is for the pregnant person. They have a huge amount to gain from the course.
  • What’s the difference between Hypnobirthing and NCT?
    NCT is a general antenatal course that covers birth and caring for a newborn. Hypnobirthing covers birth in a lot of detail plus it includes a lot of mindset work and the Hypnobirthing toolkit for staying relaxed and in control during labour. There is less focus on things like bathing baby but in my course we do look at the initial postpartum period, postpartum planning and there are lots of other supportive resources in the Client Hub.
  • I don’t want a drug-free birth, is Hypnobirthing still relevant?
    Absolutely yes! Hypnobirthing works excellently alongside other forms of pain relief. Plus what about those times when stronger pain relief isn’t available like when you’re labouring at home or travelling to hospital? Hypnobirthing provides you with a really useful toolkit that will see you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Where are your courses held?
    All courses are delivered via Zoom so you can experience the GBC magic from anywhere in the world.
  • Still got questions?
    Get in touch! I'm always happy to chat. You can contact me on the chat function, email me at or use the contact section of the website.
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